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  • Visit Porto while on Layover

    Visit Porto while on Layover

    Looking at a long layover in Porto, Portugal and want to take the chance to Visit Porto while on layover? Here’s a few tips on how to do it and what to see. I´m João (John) your private guide at Porto Sidecar Tours and [...]

  • Lisbon to Porto Day Trip

    Lisbon to Porto Day Trip

    Visiting Porto on a 1 day trip is easy! If you are visiting Portugal and decided to only stay in Lisbon, there is a comfortable, eco-friendly, affordable and hassle free way to visit other major cities in 1 day trips. In this post we [...]

  • Visiting Porto by Train Sao Bento Train Station

    Visiting Porto by Train

    Visiting Porto by Train is easy! If you are visiting Portugal and decided to stay only in Lisbon, there is a comfortable, eco-friendly and affordable way to visit other major cities in one day trips. In this post we will give you all the [...]

  • Douro River Cruise & Sidecar Tours

    Luxury Douro River cruises & Sidecar Tours in Porto

    Luxury Douro river cruises and Sidecar Tours in Porto - what a great combination! A few months ago, João (John) our main guide, had the pleasure of exploring Porto in a Morning Tour with some very friendly guests. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and [...]

  • Things To Do with Teenagers Porto

    Things to do with teenagers in Porto

    Worried that you can´t find interesting things to do with your teenagers children in Porto? Then this post is for you! Porto has a lot of things to do with teenagers. All the way from museums to speedboat experiences on the river Douro. They [...]

  • Portugal Safest Countries 2019

    Portugal – 4th Safest Countries in The World 2019

    Portugal again elected as one of the Safest Countries in the World. According to the World Economic Forum, Portugal is in the 4th place, in the safest countries in the world 2019 list, losing a place to Austria. Only Iceland and New Zealand are [...]

  • Tours Carbon Neutral Eco-Friendly Porto

    Eco Friendly Carbon Neutral Tours in Porto

    We are, proudly, offering Carbon Neutral Tours in Porto! From the beginning, we here always concerned to have the least impact in the environment, especially using classic sidecars. Pursuing the goal of carbon-neutral tours led us, at Porto Sidecar Tours, to join the United [...]

  • Shore Excursion Porto Leixões

    What To Do on Shore Excursion in Porto, Leixões

    Check out this list of what to do on shore excursion in Porto, Leixões. Firstly, being on a layover doesn’t mean having to do the same old big group excursions. No, if you are looking for a private shore excursion in Porto to go out [...]

  • Things To Do In Porto

    Things To Do in Porto, Portugal

    In search of things to do in Porto? Look no further! Porto, a bustling, ancient, authentic city listed as a World Heritage Site in Europe’s oldest country, Portugal, is a must for anyone contemplating a European trip. With it’s amazing architecture and stunning landscapes, [...]

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