Check out this list of what to do on shore excursion in Porto, Leixões.

Firstly, being on a layover doesn’t mean having to do the same old big group excursions. No, if you are looking for a private shore excursion in Porto to go out onto the beautiful cobbled streets and take in the sights and sample some sweet Port Wine that makes this city so famous, then this is the list for you.


Ribeira Neighbourhood    

Welcome to Ribeira, elected World Heritage Site in 1996, the oldest neighbourhood lining the banks of the Douro River. Visit one of the many cafes and try a mouthwatering custard tart and learn the history of the neighbourhood . Take in the stunning neoclassical architecture and enjoy the Praça Da Ribeira Square where the famous 3 storey high monumental fountain resides over all. What a great way to start exploring the historical centre.


Afurada Fisherman’s Village

Take the Dom Luis Bridge across the majestic river and visit the fisherman’s village where you will be teased by the tantalizing smells of freshly caught fish being grilled on the huge grills dotting the streets. Taste the delicious local sea bass or cod and fall in love with the sights of the fishing boats rocking on the river. Perfect for lunch before returning to the ship.


Port Wine Cellars 

Sip on samples of the mouthwateringly sweet fortified Port Wines as you listen to legends about Britis. Learn about the history that turned Porto into a thriving Port city and take in the atmospheric surroundings and rows of wooden barrels in the cellars as you learn (and taste) the difference between Tawny, Ruby, White, Pink, Vintage Port wines.


City Views from the Serra do Pilar Monastery

Built in the 16th Century, this architectural landmark and UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-see on your layover in Porto. Built as a convent belonging to the Order of Saint Augustine, the Monastery has a rich and interesting history, even being converted into an impromptu fort during the Napoleonic Invasions. You will be stunned by the breathtaking views of the full magnificence of the city and river below.


Walk along the Dom Luis Bridge

If it’s a bit of adventure you want, go for a walk up in the heights of the upper level of the famous Dom Luis Bridge spanning the Duoro River. Inspired by Eiffel, it is truly a spectacular piece of architecture that you can appreciate up close. Watch the trains pass by as you savour the sights over Porto.


Tour Porto by Sidecar 

Finally, if you are looking to avoid the Hop on, hop off buses and the big groups, why not book a personalized guided tour on an authentic sidecar ride. Enjoy a memorable slow-paced ride with your own private guide. Get off the beaten path, learn the history and culture of this vibrant city from your private guide, and see as much of the wonders as you can during your layover. With pick up and drop off at the cruise terminal and tailored to suit your every need and desire, a sidecar tour is exactly the remarkable experience you need of a shore excursion in Porto.


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