Porto Sidecar Tours is now open and ready to show you Porto with Seal Clean & Safe Certification from Turism of Portugal.

Portugal until the end of June was the third country in Europe with the highest rate of testing, approaching a million tests for a population of almost 11 million.

Unfortunately we also had 30.000 cases of infection, 29.000 already recovered and about 1500 fatalities.

Porto and the North of Portugal are virtually without new cases of infection since mid June.

Use of mask in public places is mandatory as well as respecting a 2 meter gap.

Seal Clean & Safe Certification from Tourism of Portugal

Portugal’s Ministry of Health has created guidelines on how to manage the mitigation and prevention of Covid-19.

Following those guidelines, Tourism of Portugal, the regulator of Tourism in Portugal, has created a certification, Seal Clean & Safe, to ensure that all operators follow strick rules of prevention.

This allows for our visitors to easely identify hotels, restaurants and tours operators that are certified and comply with all the rules created for their safety.

Our Tours are Clean & Safe Certified

Along side the guidelines implemented by the Ministry of Health, we at Porto Sidecar Tours created the following steps to ensure our tours are safe from Covid-19:

  1. Exclusive groups. We don´t accept different reservations for the same tour, making sure that you can enjoy your tour only in the company of your loved ones with whom you are already in social confinement and your private guide.
  2. Your guide follows all the health guidelines to ensure all is well.
  3. Our sidecars are cleaned with alcohol based produts prior and after your tour.
  4. Our helmets are cleaned with a alcohol based active foam that sanitizes and cleans all of the interior and exterior.
  5. We have disposable masks for offer our guests. Hand sanitizer, hair-nets and disposable gloves are also available if you want.
  6. During our tours we don´t go inside any buildings of other tourist attractions.

We hope that you feel safe with us to explore Porto and discover in the most exclusive and fun way possible, the beautiful city we are fortunate to call home. See you soon!

You can find out more about our tours here and also about how we offset the carbon emissions of your tour with us.

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