Portugal again elected as one of the Safest Countries in the World.
2020 Update:

Portugal considered again by the Global Peace Index, the Third most peaceful country in the world and the First most peaceful in Europe. You can find out more here.

According to the World Economic Forum, Portugal is in the 4th place, in the safest countries in the world 2019 list, losing a place to Austria.

And the 3rd most peaceful with Iceland and New Zealand taking 1st and 2nd place respectively.

Portugal has lost a position, from 3th in 2017 to 4th in 2018, due to the fact that the government saw a few workers marches on the streets protesting better salaries.

Portugal also ranked 4th on the Global Finance Safety Index

Using this information, the Global Finance magazine, created their 2019 Global Finance Safety Index.

Global Finance magazine’s safety index factors in risks of natural disaster with crime, terrorism, and war to present a more rounded analysis of the world’s safest countries.

Portugal on the Safest Countries 2019 list ranks at 4th place, in front of Canada in 11th, Japan in 43th and the United States in 65th.

Porto is also considered a very safe city.

According to the National Security Report, Portugal in 2018 saw violent crimes go down another 12%.

With one of the lowest homicide rates in the world, 88 cases, and no firearms allowed, only 17% were gun related.

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