Is English spoken in Porto? Yes!
  1. Yes, according to the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), English is spoken in Porto
  2. English’s the most common foreign language taught in school.
  3. Foreign movies and subtitled and not doubled.
  4. The historical connection with England
  5. But mainly yes, because of the resourceful people of Porto that, even if they don’t speak, they will find someone that does to help you ?
The EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) ranks Porto as the nº 1 city in Portugal
According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Portugal is in the Top 10 of non-native English-speaking countries.
The EF EPI analyses each year, data from 2,4 million non-native English speakers for their ranking.
Europe accounts for 8 places on the Top 10.
Portugal is 7th behind the Netherlands (1.º), Denmark (2.º), Finland (3.º), Sweden (4.º), Norway (5.º), and Áustria (6.º).
Porto is the best English-speaking city in Portugal, with Lisbon 2nd and Braga 3rd.
Women are overall better at English than men, but in Portugal they are balanced.
English is the most common foreign language taught in Portuguese schools
97% of students in the European Union learn, all the way to the end of middle school, English. Then comes French (66%) followed by German (23%).
In Portugal, 95% of students learn English. Then comes French with 33% of the students learning it as a second foreign language.
English is also always being heard because of music, movies, and television series that are subtitled and not doubled to Portuguese. To be honest, Brad Pitt sounds better in English, although he looks as beautiful as we the Portuguese!?
Portugal and England, and the oldest Treaty in the World
Portugal’s connection with his ally England is very old.
The Windsor Treaty was signed in 1386 between Portugal and England, now the United Kingdom.
It is the oldest treaty in the world still in effect today.
Portugal invoked it twice. Once in 1640 to fight against the Spanish and in 1807 to fight against the Napoleon troops.
Porto as a mercantile city always had a strong connection with London. And that was especially true in the Port Wine trade with a small but very influential English community in Porto.
The people of Porto are resourceful
The best English-speaking group in Porto are the young, ages 11 to 25 years.
But probably the most important thing is the way Porto’s people like to make everyone feel welcome to the city they are very proud of.
That means if they don’t speak English, they will ask someone around to translate and still help you get what you want or need.
And that, don’t say we didn’t warn you, is one of the things that are going to make you fall in love with Porto.?
More information about Porto
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