2 day itinerary to visit Porto

We tried to create the perfect 2 day itinerary to visit Porto with the all highlights in mind, great food and a bit of night life. All from the perspective of a local and showcasing the best Porto has to offer.

Here are some of the things to expect from the perfect 2 day itinerary to visit Porto:

  1. Start your 2 day visit with a private and unique sidecar tour experience of Porto
  2. Have lunch at small fishermen’s village
  3. Enjoy a Port wine private visit & tasting
  4. Have a sunset drink at a rooftop bar
  5. Enjoy a tradicional portuguese food dinner
  6. Have a drink at Galerias de Paris 
  7. Use the second day to explore on foot some of the neighborhoods 

Start your 2 day visit of Porto with a private sidecar experience

Explore Porto and get the best overview of the city onboard the most exclusive and unique tour experience in Porto, our sidecar tours! We suggest our Morning Tour.

Be the only ones exploring Porto on a sidecar and feel like a celebrity when everyone smiles at you as we travel slowly through the the entire city, from the Historical Centre all the way to the ocean. 

We’ll use the old neighborhoods, monuments, and narrow streets to show you the history of Porto. Always at a slow pace, with lots of stops to enjoy the views, answer any questions and take lots of photos. 

Explore places like Ribeira, Vitória, Virtudes and Clérigos tower, Carmo church, D. Luis I bridge and Gaia, across the river.

This is the best start to your visit because it gives you the overview of Porto, a sense of the entire city and a good idea of what you would like to explore more later on the rest of your stay.

Have lunch at a small fishermen’s village

At the end of your Morning Sidecar Experience, João your private guide, can drop you off at a small fishermen’s village by the mouth of the river to enjoy a beautiful fish grilled on the charcoals. Away from the city center and less touristy, perfect!

The fishermen on that village usually fish on the ocean and return in the morning with the fresh catch of the night before so you know your lunch is going to be amazing!

João will recommend one of two restaurants: a tradicional local one, Casa do Dragão and a more modern restaurant, Armazém do Peixe. Both with amazing fresh fish ( and meat also) where you can watch and smell as your lunch is grilled. João choice: Casa do Dragão ;)

Enjoy a Port wine visit & tasting

After lunch, just follow the Douro river and walk back to the historical center and the Port wine cellars neighborhood. It’s a 2 mile walk, easy & beautiful to do. You can also call a Uber, it works well and cheap in Porto.

As you arrive back at the historical center, we will see Ferreira Port wine cellar. We recommend going in for a visit & private tasting. Ferreira is a portuguese brand with a powerful story behind it, beautiful well preserved cellars and amazing wine!

Have a sunset drink at a rooftop bar

After your Port cellar visit, you can explore a little bit the Port wine neighborhood with its narrow streets, Rabbit on the wall ( explore around and you will see what we mean :) ), local vendors selling artesanal gifts and the Rabelo boats docked in front of the cellars.

At the end of the afternoon go to Porto Cruz, take the elevator to the top floor and enjoy the sunset with a beautiful view and a nice cocktail. 

Enjoy a tradicional portuguese food dinner

For dinner your private guide recommends, again, one of two choices: a tradicional portuguese food restaurant and a portuguese food but with a modern approach by a young chef.

For the tradicional option we suggest Zé Bota. Very near the place for a drink after dinner and famous for the roasted octopus in the oven. Made a reservation early in the morning because it’s always in high demand.

For the modern approach to portuguese cuisine, Tapabento. Next to the S. Bento train station, the chef created the perfect balance between tradicional portuguese and modern cuisine. Reservations as early as possible are mandatory!

Have a drink at Galerias de Paris

Galerias de Paris is the locals name for a neighborhood where you can find almost all the nightlife in Porto. 3 parallel streets full of restaurants, bars and clubs, next to the Clérigos tower. 

There you can find bars and clubs with almost all styles of music you can think of. Just go in, get a drink and walk around to choose the rhythm you would like to dance the night away.

Use the second day to explore on foot

After such a full day, what better than to find a nice local bakery or “confeitaria” (pastry shop) and enjoy a nice breakfast with portuguese coffee and the famous Nata custard tart. Just remember to say “Bom dia” as you get in :)

After breakfast our advice is to explore slowly and on foot a few of the neighborhoods where you went through on the day before and find other small details for nice photos or nicer views.

You can also visit one of the many museums Porto has to offer, or do a “6 bridges boat tour” and see Porto from the perspective of the water

Or literally just seat by the river in Ribeira neighborhood and watch as Porto, the most beautiful city in the world, makes you fall in love and never wanting to leave!

Book with our private guide

We are a Boutique Experience Company, focused on private and exclusive tour experiences for small groups with a private guide, on our glamorous sidecars.

We’ve Half Day and All Day Tour Experiences to discover Porto and we love to create bespoke experiences to fit the needs of our guests. 

Just use the link to reach out to João, your private guide.

We hope to see you soon in Porto!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my Tour Experience further?

Of course!

Just reach out to João, your private guide, and let him know what you have in mind and he will work with you to make it happen.

Bespoke Experiences are what we love to do at Porto Sidecar Tours!

Is my Experience completely private?

Yes! We never book different groups in the same vehicles.

Do we stop for photos?

Yes! We ride slowly to enjoy the views, talk about what we are seeing and we have lots of stops along the way.

We visit beautiful viewpoints and landmarks, stop to learn about them and to take amazing photos of Porto!