Here’s some help when planning to tour Portugal.

Located on the stunning Iberian Peninsula, Portugal, the oldest nation in Europe, is situated where the continent kisses the Atlantic Ocean, giving it some of the most stunning ocean views, maritime culture and delicious cuisine in Europe. With so many beautiful destinations and world heritage listed sites – including monuments, historic city centres, landscapes and intangible heritage – to visit within this vibrant nation, a good plan is fundamental not to miss anything.

Food, Festivals and Architecture

Whether you are there to taste the mouth-watering treats Portugal offers, from its famous Cataplana – said to be the best fish dish in the world, grilled sardines, heavenly custard tarts, and of course the distinctive Port wine. Or you are there to tour Portugal’s iconic architecture, especially the Manueline (inspired by the sea) and Baroque styles found throughout Portugal – the Clérigos Tower and Church in the coastal town of Porto being one of them. Or even you are there to enjoy one of Portugal’s vibrant festivals, there is something for everyone.

Official Portal of Tourism

With so many options and so many different ways to tour Portugal, it is a bit of a relief to know that there exists a place on the wonderful world wide web that can be your official portal of tourism for Portugal. Providing information about everything Portuguese: culture, history, useful phrases like “Bom dia, Como está?” (Good morning, how are you?). This portal has information about the different regions worth visiting, how to get around, as well as offering various guided tours.

Tour Porto by Sidecar

If you are looking for ideas, there are plenty to be had within this portal. If you are travelling as a family, or on a romantic tour with your love, there is something for everyone. For example, the unique, private guided tour of the beautiful coastal city of Porto by sidecar. This exclusive experience is so much more than just a tour, giving you an off the beaten path experience with a personal vibe, perfect for a bit of romance, as the tour accommodates only up to two people at a time.

The Pleasures of Porto    

The city of Porto itself offers so many pleasures, not least of which being the opportunity to sample the delight that is Port wine, still produced and distributed from the place that gave it its name. Relax at a seaside café, enjoying the breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean whilst sipping on a glass of original Port wine and munching on a mouthwatering custard tart after a day spent touring the world heritage listed city on a private tour by sidecar and you can’t get much better than that!

Tour Portugal       

To begin planning your tour of Portugal, there is no better place to visit than the “Visit Portugal” website: your official portal of tourism in Portugal. You will find the Porto Sidecar Tours here along with all the information you need to prepare for your visit to this magnificent country.

Porto Sidecar Tours also provides driven or self-driving tours around Portugal always tailored to our guests needs always with your own private guide.

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