Portugal – friendliest country in the world 2021

According to the Expat Insider Survey, Portugal became the friendliest country in the world in 2021, towards foreign residents:

  1. jumped nine places to take the lead
  2. 39% stated they felt at home straight away
  3. 47% said would stay for the rest of their lives
  4. 80% regard portuguese as “welcoming”

Portugal jumped nine places in the leaderboard

In 2021, Portugal jumped nine places in the friendliest country for foreigns residents index, relegating Taiwan and Mexico to second and third places respectively.

Portuguese are considered “ to take care of each other” and “very good friends and neighbors”.

39% stated they felt at home straight away

39% of respondents stated they felt at home straight away in Portugal.

Nearly double the global average at 19%. And for 30% of the foreign residents, portuguese become the larger part of the social group of friends.

47% said they would stay in Portugal forever

When asked if they would consider staying in Portugal forever, 47% answer yes!

Stating that the Portuguese “take care of each other”. Free healthcare and a friendly tax policy for foreign residents is also mentioned as advantages.

80% regard the Portuguese as “welcoming”

The Expat Insider Survey 2021 goes to ask how the new foreign residents feel about the Portuguese and 80% regard them as “welcoming”.

And with 30% saying that the portuguese make up the majority of their local groups of friends, double the global average of 19%,it is easy to understand why “welcoming” is used to describe the Portuguese.

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