Visiting Porto by Train is easy!

If you are visiting Portugal and decided to stay only in Lisbon, there is a comfortable, eco-friendly and affordable way to visit other major cities in one day trips.

In this post we will give you all the details you need for Visiting Porto by train from Lisbon or even for Visiting Porto by Train from Algarve.
We can coordinate your Tour of Porto with the train schedule, ensuring you see all the Highlights of Porto.

Let´s start by Visiting Porto by train from Lisbon

CP is the portuguese railroad company founded in 1856.
There are 2 main train stations in Lisbon where you can catch the train to Porto. Santa Apologia and Oriente train stations.
Santa Apologia is the station nearer the city center and the beginning of the line.
Oriente is the modern station and the 2nd stop on the way to Porto.


There are 2 fast trains that cross Portugal.
The fastest is the Alfa Pendular and takes about 2.15 hours to do the 320km from Lisbon to Porto.
The 2nd one is Intercidades (Intercities), with a few more stops along the way and takes about 3 hours to get to Porto.

There are trains leaving Lisbon to Porto almost every hour.
The fastest, Alfa Pendular, has 5 trains in the morning and another 5 in the afternoon.
The same to return, from Porto to Lisbon.
You can check the schedule here or ask your guide, João (John) for suggestions to maximize your time in Porto.

Pricing & Tickets

You can buy your tickets online, on CP website, and pay with Paypal, Credit or Debit card.
Prices range from 25€ in 2nd class (economy) on the Intercidades, to 55€ in 1st class on the Alfa Pendular, for one way tickets.
If you buy a roundtrip ticket, there is always a discount.
If you like, João (John) your private guide, can plan your trip and tailor your Tour in Porto, including arranging the train tickets.

Train from Lisbon and Tour in Porto

We have 2 different suggestions to Visit Porto by train.

The first, for the early birds, leaving Lisbon early in the morning allows you to arrive mid morning and enjoy a All Day Tour of Porto.
We will explore the historical centre, all the highlights, monuments and amazing viewpoints of Porto.
Then, we go to lunch at a small fishermen’s village and in the afternoon, enjoy a private tasting & tour of the oldest Port Wine Company.
This tour is the best overview of Porto and we’ll get back to Lisbon in time for a late dinner.

The second suggestion, if you prefer to leave Lisbon in the middle of the morning and arrive in Porto around lunch.
John will pick you up and take you on a 3 hour Afternoon Tour of Porto, discovering the historical centre and all the highlights & monuments and the best viewpoints of Porto.
At the end, you can still have a few hours of personal time to explore a bit more around Downtown, do some shopping or just continue to take loads of photos.

In both cases, you can be back to Lisbon between 8PM and 10PM. All of our tours include Pick up and Drop off.

Let John, your private guide, help you with your visit to Porto

Contact João (John), your Private Guide, to tailor your tour and book your visit to Porto by train.
He can help you choose the best times and the most suitable train station for your hotel´s location.
Also buying your tickets to travel and of course greet you at the train station on your arrival to Porto.

Visit Coimbra and Aveiro by train

If you would like to Visit Coimbra by Train or Visit Aveiro by Train, you can use the same information on this post as they are stops along the way.
Don´t forget to re-check the schedule and prices for the different stops.

If you want to find out more about our Tours and how we Offset the Carbon Emissions of your tour with us, follow the highlighted links.

Enjoy your stay in Portugal and we’ll see you in Porto!

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