What is there to do in Porto for 2 days?

To be honest Porto has too many interesting viewpoints, monuments, museums, restaurants, people and stories to experience it all in just two days. That being said, here’s our suggestion to get a pretty good idea of Porto in just 2 days.
What to do in Porto for 2 days?
  1. Do a private All Day Tour with Porto Sidecar Tours. Get the perfect overview of the entire city and see what you want to explore in depth on the next day.
  2. Visit the major landmarks like D. Luis bridge, Lello bookstore and Clérigos tower. All of which we see in our All Day tour.
  3. Explore the old neighborhoods of the Historical center. on our All Day tour we visit places like Ribeira, Virtudes and Vitória, Foz and Miragaia.
  4. Take beautiful postcard photos of Porto in some of the most beautiful viewpoints of the city. Where we also take you during our All Day Tour.
  5. Have a delicious grilled fish for lunch. We visit a small fishermen’s village during our tour.
  6. Taste Port wine. We have a private visit & tasting in our All Day tour of Porto.
  7. Go for dinner at a local traditional Portuguese food restaurant. We can recomend several restaurants.
  8. Have a drink in Galerias of Paris neighborhood. We also explore that neighborhood during our tour.
  9. Have a Nata, the tradicional custard tart, for breakfast.
  10. Morning of second day take the tram to the beach. And back to the historical center.
  11. Explore on foot the narrow streets and alleyways. Choose one of the neighborhoods you visited yesterday during your All Day Tour and take amazing photos.
  12. Have lunch by the river, in Ribeira or Cais de Gaia. Drink a bottle of Portuguese white wine.
  13. Do a River cruise in one of the old Port wine boats, Rabelos, converted to do the “6 bridges cruise” and see a different perspective of the city.
  14. Enjoy the beautiful Sunset in Porto. We recomend the viewpoint from Jardim do Morro.
To do the most of a short stay like 2 days in Porto, our All day Tour is your best bet to see all of Porto.
We explore the entire city, from the historical center to the mouth of the river. Then back to the city center and across the river to Gaia.
For lunch we go to a fishermen’s village and in the afternoon we have a private visit & tasting in a Port wine cellar.
All at a slow place to talk and enjoy the views as we make our way through the historical center.
Your private guide, João (John), will give you the entire overview of Porto like a local, with local stories and suggestions.
In the second day you will have a much better understanding of the city and know what you want to explore further.
Speak to João (John) if you want to further tailor your private tour. You can also see more about our All Day Tour here and also learn how we make your tour with us Carbon Neutral.
We hope to see you in Porto soon!

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