Sidecar rental for wedding at Porto

My name is João and I will be your driver. First of all, congratulations and best wishes! May this date be memorable and just the beginning of many other moments of happiness!

And to help you with that, Porto Sidecar Tours has 2 sidecars for wedding motorcycle hire at your disposal.

Porto Sidecar Tours focuses on Experiences tailored to our customers. We are here to adapt to your needs and help you create unique moments.

Our wedding motorcycle rental service

We have 2 motorcycles with Sidecar.

We rent a motorcycle with Sidecar driven by our drivers.

In order for the groom or bride to drive we will need to talk specifically to determine if you have the necessary experience and legal requirements to drive.

We can transport the groom and/or bride from the house to the church, from the church to the wedding reception and use the motorcycle for photographs if you wish.

We start by arriving 45 minutes to an hour early to the agreed meeting point, whether it’s the house of the groom or the bride, so you don’t have to worry about decorations or delays.

From there we make the way to the Church and wait with the motorcycle at the door of the church for your exit. Congratulations!

From church to glass of water, we lead the parade of cars with the glamor of the bride and groom in a classic and timeless sidecar.

Important: We are not responsible for suddenly looking like Hollywood stars!

Our basic wedding motorcycle rental service includes

1 Decorated Sidecar, accompanied by a driver.

Lasting up to 4 hours.

Within a radius of 5km from the center of Porto. (travel outside Porto a round trip cost.)

Sidecar decoration with traditional white fabric at weddings.

(other decoration will have to be provided by the client but we arrive in advance if you want to decorate according to the wedding theme)

This service starts at €300.

Availability and budget

To confirm availability and give an exact quote, we need you to tell us the date and time of your event and the addresses of your home or meeting point, the church and the reception.

If you want to add other details to your experience such as:

  • Travel outside our range of action or outside Porto
  • Groom or bride self driving
  • Longer duration
  • Second sidecar to transport the photographer to film/photograph you on your trip
  • Sidecar as a prop for later photo shoot
  • Others

Please let us know and we will be happy to adjust to your needs and present a specific quote.

You can talk to us directly by message here, or if you wish, by email here.

Once again, congratulations and best wishes!

João, your private driver.