Frequently asked questions

I want a Tailor-made Experience, can you do it?2018-02-13T13:24:42+00:00
Certainly Madam/Sir! Our tours are always one off, suited to your wants and needs, even though they have a time frame. But if you need a different experience, a different destination, a surprise for that someone special or simply our advice on how to get to know Porto even better and have a longer and more “local” experience, please contact us.


The sky is the limit, literally… Because we are still in the development stage of our rocket technology and we apologize for the delay.
Where is the pick up, drop off?2018-03-02T15:00:13+00:00
The pick up is on your hotel or other acomodations or wherever is most convenient you. It is free within a radius of 5km from historical centre of Porto and that includes Gaia. Outside that radius there is a 10€ fee, please contact us before booking to confirm. Cruise ship tours already have the pick up fee included.
Drop-off is exactly like pickup with the exception that you won´t want to end the tour because it´s been so much fun!
What´s included in my tour?2018-03-02T15:03:52+00:00
Pick up where is most convenient to you, Mercedes Maria – the most beautiful motorcycle with sidecar in the world , your own personal guide and driver ( that would be me, João, nice to meet you!), a unique perspective of the city with historical explanations and lots of “inside tips”, a helmet, the winter kit ( a leg blanket, warm gloves, a neck warmer and goggles) in case you are cold, a raincoat in case it rains, a water bottle, a charger for your mobile phone or camera – but please bring your own cables; free Wi-Fi; oh! and…lots of fun in the most beautiful city in the world… PORTO!
I’ve never been on a motorcycle before, is it safe?2019-05-20T11:22:58+01:00

YES! and lots of fun!

“Mercedez Maria” is a motorcycle with WW2 looks but XXI century mechanics.

Also… we have three wheels so we can´t lose balance and we will ride very slowly to enjoy the city and you will forget that you are on a motorcycle.

Top speeds are a death defying 20mph!!

Can children do the tour?2018-03-02T20:21:49+00:00

Yes, older than 7 years because in Portugal children are only allowed on motorcycles after 7 years of age. We also have to distribute the weight on the motorcycle, between adults and children, for balance and safety reasons. So, if there is one adult and one child as passengers, the adult will need to sit in the sidecar whilst the child rides on the pillion seat of the motorcycle. The child needs to have 1,20m or more.

Children older than 12 years have no restrictions.


Is there any insurance?2018-03-02T20:25:22+00:00

Yes! We are obligated to have insurance by law and as a requirement for our tourism license. We have motorcycle insurance; personal responsibility insurance with 50 million Euros coverage and passenger insurance that covers hospitalisation costs and a trip back home in case of accident, for all the occupants.


Can i change my tour?2018-02-13T13:24:55+00:00

Of course! Until 24h before the tour you can check with us our availability to change the time or date. We will try to do our best to accommodate you.

Can i cancel my tour?2022-02-27T18:06:51+00:00

Why would you want to do a silly thing like that? And miss on the best, most fun and unique way of getting to know Porto??

But if you have to cancel, please do so at least 7 days before the tour, so that we can give the opportunity to other beautiful people like yourself to also have lots of fun.

Until 24 hours before the tour there is 100% refund. After that there will be a 50% cancellation fee.

Tours purchased through our partner platforms such as TripAdvisor, may have different specific rules, please check there for information.


Do you offer Carbon Neutral Tours and do they cost more?2019-03-26T17:12:04+00:00

For us, at Porto Sidecar Tours it was very important to try and make sure that we could do our part in fighting Climate Change. So we joined the United Nations UNFCCC program and we offset all the activities of Porto Sidecar Tours. The back office work of getting to our guests, talking to them to book their tours and the Tours itself. The cost of this offset carbon footprint program is supported by us and it’s not an extra cost to our guests but rather the benefit of knowing that the tour they are buying doesn’t contribute to Climate Change.

Posso alugar a vossa mota com sidecar para o meu casamento?2022-02-03T16:09:21+00:00

Claro que sim! Diga-nos a data que pretende para podermos confirmar a nossa disponibilidade.

Posso conduzir a vossa mota com sidecar alugada para o meu casamento?2023-03-11T14:45:14+00:00

Sim, desde que nos comprove que cumpre com os requisitos legais para veículos categoria A, e que tem a experiência necessária para o fazer em segurança. Este serviço tem um custo adicional.

Quanto custa o aluguer de mota para casamento?2022-02-03T16:21:55+00:00

Depende do tempo que pretender e de onde tiver lugar a cerimonia. O ideal é entrar em contato connosco com a data do evento e as moradas do ponto de encontro, da igreja e do copo d’agua.

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